Affiliate program

Welcome to the BRAND SPHERE Affiliate Program

An exceptional opportunity for individuals and businesses to become authorized resellers of our leading-edge computing products, software development, and computer systems. As an affiliate, you'll have access to exclusive benefits, competitive discounts, and a variety of resources to grow your business and meet your customers' technology needs. Join our mission to empower individuals and organizations around the world with world-class IT solutions, while earning handsome earnings as a valued reseller partner.

Levels and Benefits for members


Bronze affiliate level

Minimum Purchase Requirement: USD $5,000 per order.

Enjoy an impressive 15% discount off the regular retail price, allowing you to offer competitive prices to your customers while maintaining healthy profit margins.


Silver affiliate level

Minimum Purchase Requirement: USD $10,000 per order.

As a Silver affiliate, you'll enjoy a generous 20% discount off regular retail price, giving you even more competitive pricing and attractive profit margins.


Gold Reseller Level

Minimum Purchase Requirement: USD $20,000 per order.

As a Gold affiliate, you will benefit from an impressive 25% discount on the regular retail price, giving you a competitive edge in the marketplace.


Platinum affiliate level

Minimum Purchase Requirement: USD $50,000 per order.

At the highest level, Platinum affiliates benefit from a remarkable 30% discount on the regular sale price, standing out as premium affiliates in the market.

Application and Integration

To join the BRAND SPHERE Affiliate Program and reap the benefits of your chosen reseller level, follow these simple steps:

Submit Your Request

Complete the reseller application form available on our website or contact our sales team directly to express your interest in becoming an affiliate.

Review and approval

Our dedicated team will carefully review your application, taking into account factors such as your business profile, experience and market potential.

Welcome Kit

Once approved, you will receive a complete welcome kit with detailed information about the Affiliate Program and the benefits associated with your chosen reseller level.

Affiliate obligations

In order to maintain your status as an authorized BRAND SPHERE Affiliate and continue to benefit from the Affiliate Program, we expect you to meet the following obligations:

Provide accurate product information, exceptional customer support, and professional after-sales service to your customers.

Comply with our pricing policy, avoiding selling BRAND SPHERE products below the minimum advertised price (MAP) to maintain price consistency in our reseller network.

Use our marketing materials and brand assets to promote our products, following our guidelines and seeking approval for any custom marketing materials or co-branded content.

Ensure that BRAND SPHERE products are distributed only through authorized channels and refrain from selling on unauthorized third-party marketplaces.

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Affiliate Association Termination

While our goal is to cultivate successful, long-term partnerships with our resellers, BRAND SPHERE reserves the right to terminate the reseller partnership in the following circumstances:

  • Breach of Agreement: Failure to comply with the terms and conditions set forth in the Reseller Agreement.

  • Unethical Practices: Engage in unethical, fraudulent, or deceptive activities.

  • Inactivity: Prolonged inactivity or inability to meet the minimum purchase requirements for the chosen reseller level.
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Modifications to the Reseller Program

At BRAND SPHERE, we constantly strive to improve the Reseller Program to meet the changing needs of our partners and the marketplace. Therefore, we may update or modify the Reseller Program from time to time. Any significant changes will be communicated to our resellers in a timely manner.