Affiliate Policy

Last updated August 03rd, 2023

1. Introduction

Thank you for your interest in becoming an affiliate of BRAND SPHERE products. Our affiliate Policy outlines the terms and conditions for our reseller program, which aims to build mutually beneficial partnerships with individuals and businesses interested in promoting and distributing our Informatics, computing, software development, and computing systems development products. By joining our affiliate program, you gain access to exclusive benefits, competitive discounts, and support from our dedicated team. This policy outlines the four reseller tiers and the associated discount structure to best fit your reselling needs.

2. Affiliate Levels and Discount Structure

a) Bronze Reseller Tier

Minimum Purchase Requirement: USD $5,000 per order.
Discount Percentage: 15% off the regular retail price.
Access to the Bronze affiliate Portal with product catalogs, marketing materials, and sales resources.
Personalized support from our reseller account manager.
Quarterly promotions and exclusive deals for Bronze affiliates.
Eligibility for co-marketing opportunities and joint promotions.

b) Silver affiliate Tier

Minimum Purchase Requirement: USD $10,000 per order.
Discount Percentage: 20% off the regular retail price.
All benefits from the Bronze affiliate Tier.
Enhanced product training and technical support.
Priority consideration for early access to new product releases.
Featured listing on our website as an authorized Silver Reseller.

c) Gold affiliate Tier

Minimum Purchase Requirement: USD $20,000 per order.
Discount Percentage: 25% off the regular retail price.
All benefits from the Silver affiliate Tier.
Customized co-branded marketing materials for select products.
Dedicated account manager for personalized assistance and support.
Special invitations to industry events and product launches.

d) Platinum affiliate Tier

Minimum Purchase Requirement: USD $50,000 per order.
Discount Percentage: 30% off the regular retail price.
All benefits from the Gold affiliate Tier.
Exclusive access to limited-edition products and early product testing opportunities.
Participation in joint marketing campaigns and strategic planning sessions.
Priority consideration for collaborative projects and co-development opportunities.

3. Affiliate Application Process

To become an affiliate with BRAND SPHERE, please follow these steps:

a) Application Submission: Submit your reseller application through our website or contact our sales team directly.

b) Review and Approval: Our team will review your application, taking into consideration your business profile, experience, and market potential.

c) Welcome Kit: Upon approval, you will receive a welcome kit containing detailed information about our reseller program and the benefits associated with your chosen reseller tier.

d) Agreement Signing: As part of the onboarding process, you will be required to sign an affiliate Agreement, which outlines the terms and conditions of the partnership.

4. Affiliate Obligations

As a valued affiliate of BRAND SPHERE products, we expect you to adhere to the following obligations:

a) Sales and Support: You must provide accurate product information and exceptional customer support to your clients.

b) Pricing Policy: Affiliates are not allowed to sell BRAND SPHERE products below the minimum advertised price (MAP) set by BRAND SPHERE.

c) Marketing and Branding: You may use our marketing materials and brand assets to promote our products, but any custom marketing materials or co-branded content must be approved by BRAND SPHERE.

d) Resale Restrictions: Affiliates are not permitted to distribute BRAND SPHERE products through unauthorized channels or third-party marketplaces.

5. Termination of affiliate Partnership

BRAND SPHERE reserves the right to terminate the reseller partnership if any of the following occur:

a) Breach of Agreement: Failure to comply with the terms and conditions outlined in the affiliate Agreement.

b) Unethical Practices: Engaging in unethical, fraudulent, or misleading activities.

c) Inactivity: Prolonged inactivity or failure to meet the minimum purchase requirements for the chosen reseller tier.

6. Modifications to the affiliate Policy

We may update or modify the affiliate Policy from time to time to reflect changes in our program or business practices. We will notify resellers of any significant changes.

7. Contact Us

For any questions or inquiries regarding our affiliate Policy or the reseller program, please contact us at:


Address: Lima, Miraflores, Urb. Prolongación Benavides, Cal. General Julián Arias Araguez #250

Join us as a BRAND SPHERE affiliate today and unlock exclusive benefits, lucrative discounts, and unparalleled support to expand your business and serve your customers with top-notch informatics, computing, software development, and computing systems development solutions. We look forward to building a successful and rewarding partnership with you.